Ecoplug Max

Ecoplug Max
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Ecoplug Max™

MAPP 17581

Ecoplug Max is a unique method of controlling cut tree stump re-growth. Each plug contains 300mg of granular Glyphosate. Ecoplug Max is supplied in boxes of 100. Drill bit sold separately. Please see spares and accessories

Safe for the environment - no risk of run-off, water pollution or damage to the surrounding environment.

Targeted application - compliant with legislation and best practice.

Safe for the operator - sealed plugs mean no risk of spillage or operator exposure.

Can be used almost all year round - application notaffected by weather

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Sold per box of 100 Ecoplugs.

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Product Features

Ecoplug Max kills the whole root system of target tree stumps, with no effect on surrounding trees. It is highly effective, delivering 95-100% control of treated tree stumps.


Step 1

Drill the required number of holes in the stump (30mm deep x 13mm wide). A special drill bit is recommended and is available from Nomix Enviro

Step 2 

Place the Ecoplug Max in the hole(s), with the thicker end facing upwards.

Step 3
Hit the Ecoplug Max with a hammer so it is flush with the tree stump, to release the herbicide

Application rate(s)


Species Stump diameter in cm Number of Ecoplugs
Group 1
Alder, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Elm,
Lime, Maple, Mountain Ash, Willow
3-6cm 1
  6-10cm 2
  10-14cm 3
  14-18cm 4
  >20cm 6-8 cm between plugs
  Each buttress root 1
Group 2
Ash, Cherry, Bird Cherry, Oak
3-6cm 2
  6-10cm 3
  10-14cm 4
  14-18cm 6
  >20cm 5-6 cm between plugs
  Each buttress root 2
Group 3
Poplar, Rhododendron, Elder,
Tree of Heaven
3-6cm 2
  6-10cm 4
  10-14cm 6
  14-18cm 8
  >20cm 3-4 cm between plugs
  Each buttress root 2


Cut stump treatment.
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Use herbicides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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